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Cao Zhe

Associate researcher

Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Business Address:东区物质科研楼C1401-2

Contact Information:0551-63600883

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering

Alma Mater:University of Science and Technology of China

Discipline:Electronic Science and Technology


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Current position: Home >> Scientific Research >> Patents


Affilication of Author(s):中国科学技术大学

Disigner of the Invention:胡佳栋,zhaolei,liushubin,anqi

Patent description:发明公开

Type of Patent:Invent

State of Patent:Authorized patents

Application Number:CN201910461906.6

Authorization number:ZL201910461906.6

Number of Inventors:5

Service Invention or Not:no

Application Date:2019-05-29

Publication Date:2019-09-20

Authorization Date:2020-12-25

First Author:Cao Zhe