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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Business Address:Room 319, No.1 Mechanics building,University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China

Contact Information:gongze@ustc.edu.cn


Alma Mater:University of Hong Kong


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Z. Gong, K. van den Dries, R.A. Migueles-Ramírez, P.W. Wiseman, A. Cambi, V.B. Shenoy*. Chemo-mechanical Diffusion Waves Explain Collective Dynamics of Immune Cell Podosomes. Nature Communications, 14, 2902, (2023). 

            Faculty Opinion: Recommendation of the Article: Facultyopinions.com/article/742656105

Z. Gong, K.M. Wisdom, E. McEvoy, J. Chang, K. Adebowale, C.C. Price, O. Chaudhuri, V.B. Shenoy*. Recursive Feedback between Matrix Dissipation and Chemo-mechanical Signaling Drives Oscillatory Growth of Cancer Cell Invadopodia. Cell Reports, 35 (4) 190947, (2021).

Z. Gong, S.E. Szczesny, S.R. Caliari, E.E. Charrier, O. Chaudhuri, X. Cao, Y. Lin*, R.L. Mauck, P.A. Janmey, J.A. Burdick and V.B. Shenoy*. Matching Material and Cellular Timescales Maximizes Cell Spreading on Viscoelastic Substrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 115 (12), E2686-E2695, (2018).

            Penn News: Penn Researchers Show that Cells' Perception of Stiffness is a Matter of Time

            HKU News: HKU scientists reveal how material viscosity modulates living cells behavior and functioning

Z. Gong#, C. Fang#, R. You, X. Shao, X. Wei, R.C.C. Chang and Y. Lin*. Distinct Relaxation Timescales of Neurites Revealed by Indentation under Different Loading Modes. Soft Matter, 15 (2), 166-174, (2019). (Front Cover)

Z. Gong*, C. Fang, R. You, X. Shao, R. C.C. Chang, Y. Lin*. Forced Peeling and Relaxation of Neurite Governed by Rate-Dependent Adhesion and Cellular Viscoelasticity, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 40, 100902, (2020)


F. Alisafaei#Z. Gong#, V. Johnson, J. Dolle, D. Smith, V. B. Shenoy*. Mechanisms of Local Stress Amplification in Axons Near the Gray-White Matter Interface. Biophysical Journal, 119 (7), 1290-1300, (2020)

New and Notable: Multiscale mechanobiology of brain injury: axonal strain redistribution at the gray-white matter junction


Z. Gong#, R. You#, R.C.-C. Chang, Y. Lin*, Viscoelastic Response of Neural Cells Governed by the Deposition of Amyloid-β Peptides (Aβ), Journal of Applied Physics. 119(21) 214701, (2016).

K. Adebowale, Z. Gong, J. Hou, K.M. Wisdom, D. Garbett, H. Lee, S. Nam, T. Meyer, D. Odde, V.B. Shenoy, O. Chaudhuri*. Enhanced substrate stress relaxation promotes filopodia-mediated cell migration. Nature Materialsonline(2021).

Stanford News: Stanford Study reveals a unique mode of cell migration on soft ‘viscoelastic’ surfaces


L. Yang*, Z. Gong, Y. Lin*, V. Chinthapenta, Q. Li, T. J. Webster and B.W. Sheldon*. Disordered Topography Mediates Filopodial Extension and Morphology of Cells on Stiff Materials. Advanced Functional Materials, 27, 1702689, (2017).


K. Mandal*, Z. Gong, A. Rylander, V.B. Shenoy, P.A. Janmey*. Opposite Responses of Normal Hepatocytes and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Substrate Viscoelasticity, Biomaterials Science8, 1316-1328, (2020)


B. Chong, Z. Gong, Y. Lin*, Modeling the Adhesive Contact between Cells and a Wavy Extracellular Matrix Mediated by Receptor-Ligand Interactions, Journal of Applied MechanicsTransactions ASME, 84 (1), (2017).


P. Pakshir, M. Alizadehgiashi, B. Wong, N. M. Coelho, X. Chen, Z. Gong, V. B. Shenoy, C. McCulloch and B. Hinz*. Dynamic Fibroblast Contractions Attract Remote Macrophages in Fibrillar Collagen Matrix. Nature Communication, 10 (1), 1850, (2019).

H. Liu#, C. Fang#Z Gong, R.C.C. Chang, J. Qian, H. Gao*, Y. Lin*, Fundamental Characteristics of Neuron Adhesion Revealed by Forced Peeling and Time-Dependent Healing. Biophysical Journal, 118 (8), 1811-1819, (2020)


X. Shao, R. You, T. H. Hui, C. Fang, Z. Gong, Z. Yan, R.C.C. Chang, V. B. Shenoy*, Y. Lin*. Tension and Adhesion Regulated Retraction of Injured Axons. Biophysical Journal, 117, 193-202, (2019)