Ren Haijun

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Devoted to the theoretical research of plasma physics for a long time (mainly due to my poor hands-on ability and no interest in computer programming);

Research fields include low-temperature and high-density plasma, space plasma and plasma physics of inertial confinement and magnetic confinement fusion (that is, all plasma theory can be explored);

In recent years, the work mainly focused on the theoretical research of geodesic acoustic mode and zonal flow in Tokamak plasma (mainstream, much money, although I didn't get much money, I can claim to contribute to the energy cause). The effects of the phenomena caused by the toroidal rotation, anisotropy, high-energy particles and other auxiliary heating processes on the geodesic acoustic modes were systematically studied (this is what I think is remarkable).

Successively published 36 papers of the first or corresponding author in international journals such as Nuclear Fusion, Astrophysical Journal, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Physics of Plasma, etc., with a maximum of 100 citations per paper (Google Academic) and a total of more than 590 citations. (There is no Nature, Science, PRL, nor the nature sub journal. The above data depends on who I compare with.)

Educational Experience

  • 中国科学技术大学
  • 本科 2001 - 2005 硕博 2005 - 2010

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2023.7 Now
  • Tokamak Science
  • 访问学者
2017.4 Now
  • 中国科学技术大学
  • 物理学院
  • 副教授
2018.9 2019.9
  • 美国劳伦斯利佛摩尔国家实验室
  • 访问学者

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Name of Research Group:等离子...
Description of Research Group:坚持等离子体基础理论的解析工作,但不阻止学生任何对数值和实验工作感兴趣的探索与转向