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(Note: # Equal Contribution, * Corresponding Author)

[26]M. Sui#, Y. Ouyang#, J. Jin#*, Z. Chai, C. Wei, J. Li, M. Xu, W. Li, L. Wang*, S. Zhang*, A soft-packaged and portable rehabilitation glove capable of closed-loop fine motor skills, Nature Machine Intelligence5, 1149-1160,2023  (公众号简介科大新闻

[25] Y. Sun, H. Zhang, Y. Zhao, J. Wu, Y. Zhu, M. Li*, L. Wang*, Locally Reprogrammable Magnetic Micropillars with On-Demand Reconfiguration and Multi-Functionality, Advanced Materials Technologies, 202300773, 2023 

[24] Y. Sun, L. Wang*, Z. Zhu, X. Li, H. Sun, Y. Zhao, C. Peng, J. Liu*, S. Zhang*, M. Li*,3D-Printed ferromagnetic Liquid Crystal Elastomer with Programmed Dual-Anisotropy And Multi-ResponsivenessAdvanced Materials, 202302824, 2023 (Frontispiece公众号简介

[23] J. Wang, Y. Zhou, L. Xu, L. Jiang* and L. Wang*Magnetic Kirigami by Laser CuttingActa Mechanica Solida Sinica, 2023 (公众号简介

[22] J. Shi*, S. Yang, Z. Zheng, J. Li, L. Wang*, W. Zeng, L. Yang, Y. Xiong, Z. Jin, X. Tao*,Textile-based piezocatalytic platform for organics degradation under low-frequency water flow, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2023 公众号简介

[21] Y. Sun, L. Wang*, Y. Ni, H. Zhang, Z. Cui, J. Li, Y. Zhu, J. Liu, S. Zhang, Y. Chen*, M. Li*, 3D printing of thermosets with diverse rheological and functional applicabilities, Nature Communications, 14:245, 2023 公众号简介科大新闻

[20] Y. Yang#, J. Wang#, L. Wang#, Q. Wu#, L. Ling, Y. Yang, S. Ning, Y. Xie, Q. Cao, L. Li, J. Liu*, Q. Ling*, J. Zang*, Magnetic Soft Robotic Bladder for Assisted Urination, Science Advances, 8(3), 2022

[19] C. Wang#, X. Chen#, L. Wang, M. Makihata, H Liu, T Zhou, X Zhao*, Bioadhesive Ultrasound for Long-term Continuous Imaging of Diverse Organs, Science, 337(517–523),2022 MIT news, Science PerspectiveBest Innovator 2022 by Time公众号简介1公众号简介2

[18] S. Yi#, L. Wang#, Z. Chen#, J. Wang, X. SOg, P. Liu, Y. Zhang, Q. Luo, L. Peng, Z. Wu*, C. F. Guo*, L. Jiang*, High-throughput fabrication of soft magneto-origami machines, Nature Communications13:4177, 2022 公众号简介1, 公众号简介2)

[17] G. Theocharidis#, H. Yuk#*, H. Roh#, L. Wang#, I. Mezghani, J. Wu, A. Kafanas, M. Contreras, B. Sumpio, Z. Li, E. Wang, L. Chen , C.F. Guo, N. Jayaswal, X. Katopodi, N. Kalavros, C. S. Nabzdyk, I. S. Vlachos, A. Veves*, X. Zhao*, A strain-programmed patch for the healing of diabetic wounds, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022 (公众号简介

[16] L. Wang, C.F. Guo, X. Zhao*, Magnetic soft continuum robots with contact forces, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 51, 101604, 2022

[15] C. Zhou#, Y. Yang#, J. Wang, Q. Wu, Z. Gu, Y. Yang, X. Liu, H. Tang, Q. Ling, L.Wang*, J. Zang*, Ferromagnetic soft catheter robots for minimally invasive bioprinting, Nature Communications, 12:5072, 2021 (公众号简介1公众号简介2

[14] L. Wang, D. Zheng, C. F. Guo, X. Zhao*, Evolutionary Design of Magnetic Soft Continuum Robots, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, 118(21), e2021922118, 2021  (公众号简介) 

[13] L. Zhao#, L. Wang#, J. Shi, X. Hou, Q. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, N. Bai, J. Yang, J. Zhang, B. Yu, C. F. Guo*, Shape-Programmable Interfacial Solar Evaporator with Salt-Precipitation Monitoring Function, ACS Nano, 15(3), 5752–5761, 2021

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[11] Y. Chang#, L. Wang#, R. Li, Z. Zhang, Q. Wang, J. Yang, C. F. Guo* and T. Pan*, First Decade of Iontronic Sensing: From Droplet Sensors to Flexible Electronics, Advanced Materials, 33(7), 202003464, 2020 (selected as Frontipiece)

[10] L. Wang#, Y. Kim#, C.F. Guo, X. Zhao*, Hard-Magnetic Elastica, Journal of the Mechanics of Physics and Solids,142,104045, 2020 (Top-cited Paper by JMPS)

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[1]  L. Wang, N. Lu*, Conformability of a Thin Elastic Membrane Laminated on a Soft Substrate with Slightly Wavy Surface, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 83(4), 2016