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宋建 -- 博士研究生



2015.9-2019.6    中国科学技术大学   少年班学院   地球物理学专业   理学学士

2019.9-今           中国科学技术大学   地空学院      地球物理学研究生在读






2015   优秀学生奖学金银奖

2016   第八届全国大学生数学竞赛(非数学类)二等奖

2016   优秀共青团员

2017   优秀共青团员

2017   国家励志奖学金

2018   国家励志奖学金

2019   本科毕业论文被评为校级优秀论文

2019   硕士一等学业奖学金

2020   硕士二等学业奖学金

2021   博士一等学业奖学金

2022   博士二等学业奖学金

2023   博士一等学业奖学金


first-principle calculations: Quantum ESPRESSO, VASP

Operating System: Windows 10, Linux

Programming Language: Fortran, Matlab, Shell, Python3

Drawing Software: origin, gmt

Office Software: word, excel, powerpoint


6. Song, Jian; Wang, Wenzhong; Wu, Zhongqing. (2023) "Elasticity of Anhydrous Phase B Under Mantle Conditions: Implications for the Deep X-Discontinuity in the Subduction Zones", Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 24 (12).

5. Wu, Zhongqing; Song, Jian; Zhao, Guochun; Pan, Zhongxu. (2023) "Water-Induced Mantle Overturns Leading to the Origins of Archean Continents and Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle", Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (22).

4. Song, Jian; Qian, Wangsheng; Hao, Shangqin; Wang, Wenzhong; Sun, Daoyuan; Wu, Zhongqing. (2023) "Elasticity of high-pressure clinoenstatite under mantle conditions: Implications for the origin of the X-discontinuity", Science China Earth Sciences, 66.

3. 张瑜; 宋建; 吴忠庆. (2023) "机器学习在矿物结构搜索及性质预测方面的应用", 矿物岩石地球化学通报, 42.

2. Deng, Xin; Song, Jian; Qian, Wangsheng; Wu, Zhongqing. (2023) "Seismic signals induced by the Metasomatism of mantle wedge by siliceous melts: Insights from the elasticity of orthopyroxene at high pressure and temperature", Tectonophysics, 846, 229681.

1. Zhao, Yajie; Wu, Zhongqing; Hao, Shangqin; Wang, Wenzhong; Deng, Xin; Song, Jian. (2022) "Elastic properties of Fe-bearing Akimotoite at mantle conditions: Implications for composition and temperature in lower mantle transition zone", Fundamental Research, 2, 570~577.