Zong-Quan Zhou

Alma Mater:University of Science and Technology of China

Academic Honor:

2022 elected:National outstanding youth fund winner

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Coherent spectroscopy of rare-earth ions

Raman-heterodyne detected nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Ultralow temperature electron and nuclear double resonance spectroscopy.

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A Raman heterodyne study of the hyperfine interaction of the optically-excited state 5D0 of Eu3Y2SiO5. Journal of Luminescence 202, 32 (2018)

Hyperfine interaction and coherence time of praseodymium ions at the site 2 in yttrium orthosilicate. Journal of Luminescence 225, 117402 (2020)

Optical spectroscopy and coherent dynamics of 167Er YVO4 at 1.5μm below 1 K. Journal of Luminescence 225, 117344 (2020)

Hyperfine Structure and Coherent Dynamics of Rare-Earth Spins Explored with Electron-Nuclear Double Resonance at Subkelvin Temperatures. Phys. Rev. Applied 13, 024080 (2020)

Extending the spin coherence lifetimes of Er3+167 Y2SiO5 at subkelvin temperatures. Phys. Rev. B. 105, 245134 (2022)


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