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  • YinBo Zhu

Educational Experience

  • 2013.92017.5

     中国科学技术大学   固体力学   博士   Postgraduate (Doctoral) 

  • 2009.92013.6

     华北水利水电大学   工程力学   学士   本科 

Work Experience

  • 2022.1Now

    中国科学技术大学      近代力学系    副教授

  • 2019.62021.12

    中国科学技术大学      近代力学系    特任副研究员

  • 2017.62019.5

    中国科学技术大学      近代力学系    博士后






Introduction of my investigations: 

My research interest now focuses on the mechanical behavior and design of hierarchically structural materials, including graphene-based nacre-like materials, nanocellulose-based hierarchical materials, nanoceramics, and amorphous carbons. During my Ph.D. period, I focused on 2D water/ice in graphene nanocapillaries and mass transfer under nanoconfinement.

Material design is gradually breaking through the assumption of continuum system. The combination of different building blocks into complex architectures has opened unprecedented opportunities in materials science and engineering. Traditional mechanical studies have been unable to establish the theoretical framework of advanced materials at multiscale, resulting in more common scientific problems emerged from interdisciplinary fields. Although modern physics edged mechanics out into the wilds of engineering, we should note that there is plenty of room in the cross field of mechanics and advanced materials.

The objective of my research is to improve the understanding of multiscale structure-property relationships and design principles in hierarchical materials, as well as the inherent correlations between mechanical behavior and application functionality of advanced materials. The development of multiscale mechanics has covered from the physical edge at atomistic scale to the framework of continuum theories. It is of the utmost importance to extend the models and methods of multiscale mechanics that would provide in-depth understandings for the structure-property-function relationships of materials. In my investigations, our group aims to reveal the micromechanical mechanism and optimization strategy of high-performance hierarchical materials through the combination of multiscale theoretical simulations and experimental characterizations, which should help to realize the mechanical design of hierarchical microstructures and interfaces in advanced materials oriented by application requirements.

Personal Information

  • Associate professor

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates
  • E-Mail:
  • Business Address:中国科学技术大学西校区力学一楼324
  • Contact Information:zhuyinbo@ustc.edu.cn
  • Alma Mater:中国科学技术大学
  • Discipline:Mechanics
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