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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Administrative Position:特任研究员

Education Level:研究生

Business Address:南区人文学院楼314

Contact Information:(+86) 0551-63607882


Alma Mater:中国科学技术大学

Honors and Titles

2016-09-27   American Epilepsy Society Young Investigator Award


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Xiaosong He, Ph.D., research professor, is instituted at the Department of Psychology in USTC. Dr. He is specialized in clinically-oriented research in cognitive psychology, using psychometrics and multi-modalneuroimaging techniques, with the application of network neuroscience, to explore the mechanisms and prognoses of neurological diseases such as epilepsy.

Educational Experience

  • 2004.9 -- 2011.6

    中国科学技术大学       Biophysics       研究生       博士

  • 2000.9 -- 2004.6

    中国科学技术大学       Biology       本科       学士

Work Experience

  • 2018.8 -- 2021.2

    University of Pennsylvania      Dept. of Bioengineering      Postdoctoral Researcher

  • 2014.8 -- 2018.7

    Thomas Jefferson University      Dept. of Neurology      Postdoctoral Fellow

  • 2012.6 -- 2014.6

    中国科学院心理研究所      博士后研究员

Social Affiliations

  • 2021.9 -- Now

    Member, Epilepsy Surgery Networks Task Force of the Surgery Commission, International League Against Epilepsy

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Research Group

Name of Research Group:脑网络与功能实验室

Description of Research Group:主要研究方向
·         大脑结构、功能网络组织特征与认知功能的关系
·         神经系统疾病对大脑结构、功能网络的影响,及对认知功能的损害
·         大脑结构、功能网络组织特征在神经系统疾病诊疗中的应用
·         网络神经科学的发展