Ren Xifeng
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Xifeng Ren, born in 1980.  His research is centered around quantum micro/nano photonics, inluding quantum integrated photonic circuits, quantum optics, nanophotonics, integrated photonic, etc.  He realized many multi- and high-dimensional quantum integrated photon sources and path/waveguide-mode encoded quantum logic gates on-chip. He also investigated the quantum properties of surface plasmon polaritions and metasurface, and proposed quantum plasmonic probe to modulate single photon sources in near-field. He has published 126 SCI papers in these research areas, among which 41 papers were published with the applicant as the first or corresponding author in recent 5 years, including 1 in Science, 1 in Nature, 5 in Phys. Rev.Lett. 1, 2 in Light-Sci. Appl. and 4 in Optica, etc.