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  • Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates
  • Name (Pinyin):Huajian Yao
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  • Administrative Position:研究生院副院长
  • Education Level:研究生
  • Contact Information:0551-63607201
  • Degree:博士
  • Professional Title:Professor
  • Academic Titles:蒙城地球物理国家野外科学观测研究站常务副站长
  • Other Post:中国地震学会副理事长
  • Alma Mater:MIT
  • 2012elected:National outstanding youth fund winner
  • 2021elected:Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars
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Yao, H., Gouedard, P., McGuire, J., Collins, J. and van der Hilst, R.D., 2011. Structure of young East Pacific Rise lithosphere from ambient noise correlation analysis of fundamental- and higher-mode Scholte-Rayleigh waves, Comptes Rendues Geoscience, 343,571–583,doi:10.1016/j.crte.2011.04.004

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