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Wind-turbine and Wind-farm Flows

  • In order to response to climate change and achieve sustainable development, wind energy will become one of the main sources of energy for the world in the future. Wind-farm flow is a typical spatiotemporal multi-scale turbulence problem. On the one hand, the wind characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer dominate the flow structure of the wind farm and its development and evolution process; On the other hand, the huge disturbance generated by large wind farms will affect and change the overall structure and characteristics of the atmosphere, and even have an impact on the local weather and environment. Therefore, the research on the wind-turbine and wind-farm flows is not only of great significance to the wind energy applications, but also has important reference value for the research of atmospheric circulation, weather forecast, and climate simulation. This project will mainly rely on theoretical analysis and numerical simulation to study the influence of atmospheric stability on the flow of wind turbines and wind farms. The relevant research results can not only promote the development of aerodynamics, meteorology, structural mechanics and other disciplines, but also accelerate the wide use of wind energy around the world. 

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