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Atmospheric Boundary Layers

  • The atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) is the lower part of the troposphere where most human activity and biological processes occur. The flow dynamics in the ABL are influenced by the Earth's surface, while they are also affected by the Coriolis force and thermal stratification. Due to the complicated interplay between buoyancy, shear, and Coriolis effects, analytical descriptions have been limited to the surface-layer quantities such as the mean wind speed. The rapid development of wind energy utilization makes the size of wind turbines continue to increase. As a result, the blades of wind turbines in near future will mainly operate in the area above the surface layer. Therefore, the research on the characteristics of turbulent wind above the surface layer has become one of the grand challenges in the science of wind energy. This project will mainly rely on theoretical analysis and numerical simulation to study the atmospheric boundary layer structure and turbulent wind characteristics under different atmospheric stability conditions. The relevant results are expected to promote the development of wind energy applications, weather forecasting, climate simulation and other research fields. 

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