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Chenhui Peng


Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates


Administrative Position:Professor

Business Address:Room 204, School of Physical Sciences


Academic Titles:Professor

Alma Mater:Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University



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Full Publications list(* indicates Corresponding Author)


32. X. Wang, J. Jiang, J. Chen, Z. Asilehan, W. Tang, Chenhui Peng*, R. Zhang*, Moiré effect enables versatile design of topological defects in nematic liquid crystals. Nature Communications 15, 1655 (2024).


31. Y. Sun, L. Wang*, Z. Zhu, X. Li, H. Sun, Y. Zhao, Chenhui Peng, J. Liu, S. Zhang, M. Li*, A 3D-Printed Ferromagnetic Liquid Crystal Elastomer with Programmed Dual-Anisotropy and Multi-Responsiveness. Advanced Materials 35, 2302824 (2023).

30. J. Jiang, X. Wang, O. Akomolafe, W. Tang, Z. Asilehan, K. Ranabhat, R. Zhang* and Chenhui Peng*, Collective transport and reconfigurable assembly of nematic colloids by light-driven cooperative molecular reorientations, PNAS, 120, e2221718120 (2023)

29. Haosheng Wen, Yu Zhu, Chenhui Peng, PB Sunil Kumar, Mohamed Laradji, Collective vortical motion and vorticity reversals of self-propelled particles on circularly patterned substrates. Physical Review E, 107, 024606 (2023)

28. N. Tay, H. Gan, F. B. de Sousa, L. Shen, D. F. Nóbrega, Chenhui Peng, L. Kilpatrick-Liverman, W. Wang, S. Lavender, S. Pilch, J. Han, Improved mineralization of dental enamel by electrokinetic delivery of F and Ca2+ ions. Scientific Reports 13, 516 (2023).

27. J. Chen, J. Jiang, J. Weber, V. Gimenez-Pinto*Chenhui Peng*, Shape Morphing by Topological Patterns and Profiles in Laser-Cut Liquid Crystal Elastomer Kirigami. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15, 4538 (2023).



26. J. Jiang, K. Ranabhat, X. Wang, H. Rich, R. Zhang* and Chenhui Peng*, Active transformations of topological structures in light-driven nematic disclination networks, PNAS, 119, e2122226119. (2022)

25. Juan Chen, A. Johnson, J. Weber, Oluwafemi Isaac Akomolafe, Jinghua Jiang* and Chenhui Peng*, Programmable Light-driven Liquid Crystal Elastomer Kirigami with Controlled Molecular Orientations, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 4, 2100233, (2022)

24. Juan Chen, Oluwafemi Isaac Akomolafe, Netra Prasad Dhakal, Mahesh Pujyam, Omar Skalli, J.  Jiang* and Chenhui Peng*, Nematic Templated Complex Nanofiber Structures by Projection Display, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14, 7230 (2022)

23. H. Wen, Y. Zhu, Chenhui Peng, P. B. S. Kumar, M. Laradji*, Collective motion of cells modeled as ring polymers. Soft Matter 18, 1228 (2022).



22. J. Chen, O. I. Akomolafe, J. Jiang*Chenhui Peng*, Light-Actuated Liquid Crystal Elastomer Prepared by Projection Display. Materials 14, 7245 (2021).

21. Y. Guo, M. Jiang, S. Afghah, Chenhui Peng, R. L. B. Selinger, O. D. Lavrentovich, Q.-H. Wei*, Photopatterned Designer Disclination Networks in Nematic Liquid Crystals. Advanced Optical Materials 9, 2100181 (2021).



20. Jinghua Jiang, Netra Prasad Dhakal, Yubing Guo, Christian Andre, Lauren Thompson, Omar Skalli and Chenhui Peng*, Controlled Dynamics of Neural Tumor Cells by Templated Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 9, 2000487 (2020)

19. Netra Prasad Dhakal, Jinghua Jiang, Yubing Guo and Chenhui Peng*, Self-assembly of Aqueous Soft Matter Patterned by Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks for Controlling Dynamics of Bacteria, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 13680 (2020)

18. Taras Turiv, Runa Koizumi, Kristian Thijssen, Mikhail M. Genkin, Hao Yu, Chenhui Peng, Qi-Huo Wei, Julia M. Yeomans, Igor S. Aranson, Amin Doostmohammadi, Oleg D. Lavrentovich*, Polar jets of swimming bacteria condensed by a patterned liquid crystal, Nature Physics, 16, 481 (2020)

17. Netra Prasad Dhakal, Jinghua Jiang, Yubing Guo and Chenhui Peng*, Photo-Patterning DNA Structures with Topological Defects and Arbitrary Patterns through Multiple Length Scales, Physical Review Applied13,014026, (2020)



16. Martina Rodriguez Sala, Chenhui Peng*, Omar Skalli and Firouzeh Sabri*, Tunable neuronal scaffold biomaterials through plasmonic photo-patterning of aerogels. MRS Communications 9, 1249-1255 (2019)

15. Chenhui Peng*, Sohyun Park, Frederico Barbosa de Sousa, HiongYap Gan, Sang J. Lee, Wei Wang, Stacey Lavender, Shira Pilch and Jongyoon Han, Enhanced teeth whitening by nanofluidic transport of hydrogen peroxide into enamel with electrokinetic flows. Dental Materials 35, 1637-1643 (2019).

14. Chenhui Peng*, F. Sousa, H. Y. Gan, H. J. Kwon, S. Park, L. Kilpatrick-Liverman, W. Wang, S. Lavender, S. Pilch, J. Han, Enhanced Delivery of F-, Ca2+, K+ and Na+ ions into Teeth Enamel by Electrokinetic Flows. Journal of Dental Research 98,430-436 (2019).

13. Chenhui Peng*, O. Lavrentovich*, Liquid Crystals-Enabled AC Electrokinetics. Micromachines 10, 45 (2019).



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6. Y. Guo, M. Jiang, Chenhui Peng, K. Sun, O. Yaroshchuk, O. Lavrentovich, and Q.-H. Wei*, "High-Resolution and High-Throughput Plasmonic Photopatterning of Complex Molecular Orientations in Liquid Crystals," Advanced Materials 28, 2353–2358 (2016).



5. Chenhui Peng, Y. Guo, C. Conklin, J. Viñals, S. V. Shiyanovskii, Q.-H. Wei, and O. D. Lavrentovich*, "Liquid crystals with patterned molecular orientation as an electrolytic active medium," Physical Review E 92, 052502 (2015).

4. Chenhui Peng and O. D. Lavrentovich*, "Chirality amplification and detection by tactoids of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals," Soft Matter 11, 7257-7263 (2015).



3. I. Lazo, Chenhui Peng, J. Xiang, S. V. Shiyanovskii, and O. D. Lavrentovich*, "Liquid crystal-enabled electro-osmosis through spatial charge separation in distorted regions as a novel mechanism of electrokinetics," Nature Communications 5, 5033 (2014).

2. Chenhui Peng, I. Lazo, S. V. Shiyanovskii, and O. D. Lavrentovich*, "Induced-charge electro-osmosis around metal and Janus spheres in water: Patterns of flow and breaking symmetries," Physical Review E 90, 051002 (2014).



1. Chenhui Peng*, Xiaoning Li et al. “RGB High Brightness LED Modules for Projection Display      Application”, Journal of Display Technology, 7, 448 (2011).