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  • 赵政国
  • 博士

Educational Experience

  • 1977.11988.1

     中国科学技术大学   粒子物理与原子核物理   博士   Postgraduate (Doctoral) 

Work Experience

  • 1997.12001.1

    中科院高能物理研究所      任北京谱仪量能器组组长、物理一室主任、北京谱仪实验负责人

  • 2001.12008.1

    美国密歇根大学      访问教授和研究员    从事强子对撞机上的D0和ATLAS实验

  • 2008.1Now

    中国科学技术大学      教授    教授

Research Group

  • Name of Research Group:粒子物理与原子核物理学科

Social Affiliations

  • 2020-05-01Now


Research Focus



Professor of physics. Ph.D. of 1988 at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Since then worked as post doctor and research associate at Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ) for BEijing Spectrometer (BES) at Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC) and the experiment of pionic atoms. Became the head of physics division of IHEP and the spokesperson of the BES Collaboration in 1997. Visiting professor and research scientist of the University of Michigan from 2001 to 2009 for the D0 experiment at Tevatron and ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In 2009 appointed as professor of physics at USTC and director of the Center for Particle Science and Technology. Major research interest is the study of the property of the Higgs boson and search for new physics, including dark matter and exotics with ATLAS experiment at LHC, and the technology development of the particle detection.  

Major progress achieved are (1) precision measurement of the strong energy shift and broadening of the ground state of the pionic hydrogen and deuterium; (2) search for the heavy neutral particle from the pion decays in flight; (3) measurement of the total hadron production cross section of the e+e- annihilation in the energy region between 2 and 5 GeV; (4) construction of the position monitoring drift tube chamber of the Muon Spectrometer of the ATLAS detector, and physics with diboson, including measurement of the production cross section of the WW, ZZ, search for Higgs and dark matter from WW and ZZ final states.

Awarded by (1) National Science Foundation of China for Outstanding Youth Program in 1998; (2) Outstanding Young Scientist of CAS in 2001; (3) Prize of Science and Technology of Beijing in 2003; (4) National Prize of Nature Science in 2005; (5) Heliang-Heli Prize in Physics of 2014.      

Elected as fellow of American Physics Society in 2012 and Academician of CAS in 2013. 

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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
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  • Education Level:研究生
  • Business Address:科大东区物质科研楼
  • Contact Information:0551-63603445
  • Academic Titles:中国物理学会副理事长
  • Discipline:Physics
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  • 2013  elected:Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences ;
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