Zong-Quan Zhou

Alma Mater:University of Science and Technology of China

Academic Honor:

2022 elected:National outstanding youth fund winner

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Prof. Zong-Quan Zhou leads the group of solid-state quantum memories at University of Science and Technology of China. He proposed an original quantum memory protocol named as noiseless photon echo [Nature Communications 12, 4378 (2021)]. Several key milestones in the field of quantum memories have been achieved, including: the multiplexed quantum repeater based on absorptive quantum memories [Nature 594, 41 (2021)], coherent storage of light for 1 hour [Nature Communications 12, 2381 (2021)], and the integrated quantum memories with the on-demand retrieval.

His representative achievement “rare-earth ions enabling multiplexed quantum repeaters and one-hour optical storage” was selected as China’s Top-10 News Stories of Scientific and Technological Progresses in 2021, voted by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. “Rare-earth-based solid-state quantum memories” was selected as the Top-10 Scientific and Technological Progresses in Chinese Universities in 2021.

Academic and Research Positions: 

University of Science and Technology of China, Professor (2022), Associate Professor (2018), Associate Research Fellow (2015)

Open positions for post-doctors!

Research Group

[1]Name of Research Group:Solid-state quantum memories

Description of Research Group:Our group focuses on quantum repeaters and transportable quantum memories based on rare-earth-ion doped crystals, with the ultimate goal of constructing large-scale quantum networks. This group has 4 post-doctors and 17 graduate students.


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